Why Choose Precision?

As an Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor we can offer you the best warranties in the roofing industry. Our Lifetime Workmanship Coverage Warranty and other Owens Corning Roofing System Warranties are offered only by Platinum Preferred Contractors, so you know your roof is secure from issues for years to come.

From Owens Corning:
“Owens Corning™ Roofing Platinum Preferred Contractors meet our strict standards for professionalism, business stability and customer service. They are the only contractors that can offer our best warranty and represent less than 1% of roofing contractors.”

handnailingWhy Hand Nailing is Better:

  1. When hand-nailing, a conscientious roofer can feel whether he is driving the nail into the roof boards or between the boards, and immediately adjust his nail position.
  2. The target nail area on a shingle is very narrow. Gun-nailing is unlikely to result over 80% accuracy. It is important to have 98-100% accuracy in a high-wind area such as Cape Ann.
  3. Hand-nailing ensures that nails are driven flush with the shingle and perpendicular to the roof deck. Gun-nails are prone to bad positioning (over-driving, under-driving, incorrect gun-angle) due to the fast pace of roofing with a nail-gun.
  4. Hot-dipped galvanized roofing nails with larger heads (a great choice for a seacoast proximity roof) are not available for nail guns.

Gun-nailing shingles during a roof job is faster, more convenient, and less expensive, but will result in a less wind-resistant roof.


* Commercial and condominium properties subject to charge, which will be refunded upon awarding full project to Precision Roofing Services of New England, Inc.